Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Screw that!

I've been out of meds for over a week now. All my saved ass has been smoked. I am desperately wanting some sort of pain relief... but I can't have a nontoxic, harmless flower because I'm broke and the laws suck (even in medical states)... so, my choices? Pain pills, sleeping pills or alcohol if I wanna actually sleep tonight.

I admit a Medical State is much better than a non-Medical state, with that it gives you hope to some day get there, but unless you have money to pay cash to go the doctor, and the state, and the local caregiver... you're out of luck. I still cannot walk into a pharmacy, give them my insurance, and get my medicine. Or what would be much better, is walking into the 7/11 down the street and buying a pack of joints, safely and legally, like I can with cigarettes and alcohol.

Anyone who has a life long illness knows that doctors say to keep your levels even. That means DO NOT RUN OUT. But that is impossible when your choice of medicine is Cannabis. We get to be punished because we want a safer choice in medicine. 

I shouldn't have to wait and suffer as I figure it all out. I should be able to go and get a refill on meds whenever I run out. No matter what state I'm in. I can go to a different state, even only on vacation, and have a prescription filled just by making a phone call. 

But I refuse to take pain pills. Haven't (xcept for 2 surgeries) for 7 years now. Even with the surgeries, I didn't finish the bottle. Cannabis is my pain relief. But I could walk into any ER in the country and get a bottle of Percocet at the drop of a hat. I can go to the convenience store down the street and buy as much alcohol as I can afford. I can drink it til I pass out and am unavailable to my family until morning. I can take an over the counter sleep aid, and not even truly be available until mid afternoon or early evening, because of grogginess. 

But I can't have a calming herb that has been used for thousands of years to help people fall asleep and get through pain without the side effect of being in a drug induced stupor? 

Screw That.

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