Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hurdle #2

From what I've learned, most doctors here in Oregon won't even discuss Cannabis, much less write a recommendation for it, because of their justified fear of losing their medical license and their job.

In order to obtain a recommendation from a licensed Medical physician, as the law requires, a patient must find a compassionate and understanding doctor who knows that Cannabis is medicine and is willing to provide a recommendation. Fortunately, numerous groups around the State have found doctors who are willing to write medical marijuana recommendations for special visits in their clinics.

Although Medical Marijuana is legal and recognized in the State of Oregon, the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) does not cover Cannabis related medical visits because it is a federally funded program. So the next hurdle becomes finding the right clinic and coming up with the money to see the doctor. This is especially difficult on a fixed income, when most of your money goes towards a roof over your head, food to eat, and bills.

I googled the keywords Medical Marijuana recommendations and Oregon and found several Medical Marijuana referral clinics in the Portland area.

The first one I found was MAMA or Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (which, with my work with Moms for Marijuana, was very intriguing).

After perusing their website, I found their price list for medical referrals.

I also found a clinic called Alternative Medical Choices. Their prices were also on their site and they offer a fee for those who receive assistance, such as food-stamps, Social Security, or medical insurance through the Oregon Health Plan.

And I found a clinic called THCF or The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation. They have several clinics around the state, not just the Portland area, as well as clinics in other Medical Marijuana States. Their doctors are licensed to practice medicine in multiple states. Their fees were not listed on the site, so I sent them an email. I received a response within 24 hours with a price list. They also offer a fee for those who are on assistance.

The next step is picking one and coming up with the money...

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