Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For the last couple weeks I have been taking a daily regimen of Cannacaps.

"Cannacaps are standardized, quality controlled, activated natural product cannabis capsules.

Standardization means that each cap contains the same dosage of a major active in the prep. In the case of cannacaps they are standardized to the dosage of THC, which is by far the most abundant active in the capsules. So, each capsule contains the same amount of THC. Also known is the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) in each cap."

They are wonderful! I have been waiting for 7 years to be able to take my medicine in a single dose and not have to spend so much of my time, away from my family, taking my medication. That was the only thing I liked about prescription pills. They were available in a convenient form.

I've tried tinctures, and edibles, and even lotions and oils. Until now, oral use of Cannabis has always been a confusing journey. None of these things have been able to provide me with the amount of medicine I need to sustain me through out the day. Plus there is the awful taste of some of them, or having to eat just to get the munchies. Topical delivery methods are even more ineffective for my condition. These things just don't reach the pain.

Between those or having to smoking, and not being able to consult with an experienced physician regarding my health care, my pain management has been a carousel. The ups and downs are not as extreme as when I was living in a Non-Medical state, but even with legal access, finances and availability still get in the way. There is no consistency what so ever.

But these Cannacaps have been a godsend. Taking them 3 times a day, I could definitely tell that my levels were consistent each day. After taking one before going to bed, morning wasn't so bad. I've even filled a couple of them with Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears Oil to help me sleep and it helped heal a muscle in my back that I had pulled over the holidays.

But now they are gone, and since I'm broke from the holidays, I can't go and get more.  Life has become a lot more painful again. At $2 a cap, making it $6 a day for my regimine, it will be a long time before I am able to consistently have them. And they aren't always made out of the same strain, so it doesn't always provide the same effects.

So, I have determined that I really need to be able to make my own. Which requires a lot of raw flower. Which costs more money than I have. Ugh... this carousel is making me sick.

If you happen to have access to enough of the ingredients for the cannacaps, and would like to try to make them, you can find a good recipe on pg. 68 of Treating Yourself Magazine's 29th Issue.